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  • Arabidopsis thaliana

    The complete growth and seed
    harvesting system specially designed for
    Arabidopsis thaliana

  • arabidopsis growing in arasystem

    Arasystem is known
    to increase seed yield

  • arabidopsis plants in arasystem tubes

    Harvest your seeds
    with unprecedented ease

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Discover the Arasystem

Discover the Arasystem


Aracons are seed harvesting devices that automatically collect the seeds produced by individual Arabidopsis . Each Aracon consists out of a tube and base:

Aracon tube

Guides the falling seeds into the base and prevents neigbouring plants from touching one another. Read more

Aracon base

Contains an inverted cone that both guides the growing stem into the container and collects the falling seeds. Read more


Allows indiviual plants to be moved around at all stages of the Arabidopsis life cycle. Fits exactly into the pot cavities of Araflats. Read more


Arrays of 51 individual pot cavities. Ideally suited for growing Arabidopsis plants. Read more


Solid plastic trays, fit underneath the Araflats. They simplify subirrigation and transportation of plants. Read more

Each component can be ordered separately in our webshop

Advantages of Arasystem

  • Plants grow in individual containers
  • Arabidopsis 'weeds' do not intertangle
  • No cross-fertilisation
  • No seed contamination
  • No spreading of seeds
  • Automatic seed harvest over entire life cycle
  • Seed collection in one single simple operation
  • Applicable in growthrooms and greenhouses
arasystem for arabidopsis thaliana arabidopsis plant growing in arasystem base close upharvesting arabidopsis is easyarabidopsis growing in arasystem tubes