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Araquantity discount offer (8xASN002)


Araquantity specifications

The Araquantity package contains 8X ASN02 Aracons.

The Aracon forms the core of the Arasystem. This is the seed-harvesting device that facilitates collection of seeds throughout the plant's life cycle.
It consists of two parts:


The Arabase, an inverted cone that both guides the growing stem into the container and collects the falling seeds.

  • height: 8.3 cm
  • Leg height: 4cm
  • Ø base: 5 cm
  • weight: 16 g
  • color: transparent.


The Aratube, a plastic sheet foldet into a tube which guides the falling seeds into the base and prevents neighbouring plants from touching one another. The tube has specially designed, asymmetrically placed, ventilation holes ensure sufficient aeration for excellent growth and maximum seed set. Without these holes, condensation on the inside of the tube can occur, promoting mold growth.

  • height: 40 cm
  • Ø tube: 5 cm
  • weight: 10 g
  • color: transparent.

Both tubes and bases are made of high quality, transparent, fully antistatic plastics and are also available separately.

Packaging details per box: 

  • height: 52 cm 
  • length: 67.5 cm 
  • width: 44 cm 
  • weight: 25 kg 

The Araquantity package contains 8 boxes.

The Araquantity package contains 8X720 Arabases and 8X720 Aratubes.

Price VAT exclusive